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What We Believe

We are a church united around the good news of God's love and faithfulness—a love that offers hope to every individual and community throughout the ages. We are a community amazed by what God has done for us in the person and work of Jesus. Jesus brings us together. Jesus transforms us and calls us to follow Him.  And Jesus sends us out into our communities to serve and love the people around us.


For the last two thousand years, this story is what Christians have called the Gospel—the good news. At the heart of the Gospel is the amazing story of God's commitment to love his people when we are unlovely, to remain faithful to us when we are unfaithful, to be for us even when we are not for Him. The Gospel is the breath-taking story of how God did not give us what we deserve but instead by sheer grace did the unthinkable.  In Jesus Christ, God became flesh for us.  He lived the perfect life we should have lived. He died the death our sins deserved. He conquered death and evil and injustice and oppression by rising again to a resurrected, indestructible life. He ascended to heaven in victory, and now he freely offers forgiveness, freedom, and new life to all who trust in him. 

This good news of forgiveness and restoration is the reason we are a community that seeks to know God and make Him known. Whether you are just exploring Christianity or have followed Jesus for decades, we look forward to having you join us.

We are a church that exists to know God and to make Him known. We are united around the good news of Jesus Christ, gathered, transformed, and sent by Jesus, our savior. Our church is built on the historic truths of the Gospel, rooted in the Bible and expressed in the ancient creeds, briefly summarized below.

  • The Bible is God’s Word, completely reliable and the final authority for doctrine and practice.


  • There is One God, who eternally exists as three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


  • All of us are sinful by nature and by choice and are therefore eternally separated from God.


  • God the Son became man in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. By His suffering and death on the cross as our substitute, Jesus took upon Himself the punishment deserved by all those who trust in Him. Personal faith in Jesus as our risen Savior is the only way to restore our broken relationship with God.​

  • The Holy Spirit lives and works in all believers as they yield their will to Him, transforming them into the likeness of Christ, producing love, joy, and peace in their lives.

  • Jesus will return to this earth personally, physically, and suddenly, bringing judgment to all who do not believe, but eternal joy in His presence to all who do.

  • The Church universal is composed of all who have placed their faith in Christ for salvation. The local church is one part of the whole. Together, they represent Christ’s body on earth.

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